Arty 84

Arty 84  is a Comedy, Actor, DJ, Musician and Designer from a small little piece of heaven, called Revere, MA, North Shore of Boston.

Arty has been DJ’n since he was 15 and hosting radio shows since he was 18.

He gets his nickname “Arty 84” from the year he was born, 1984

With a life long dream of doing comedy, Arty has been doing all types of comedy for years, but started getting serious about it in May of 2014.

During the day, Arty works as a Designer and Bartender, but spends most of his free time doing comedy.

Arty seen 33 MLB parks in 9 years and has been to 49 of the 50 states. Traveling the country is a passion of his. When out f Boston, he loves to do standup and record podcast and videos for youtube.

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